My Personal Experience Of Powerlifting

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Going through life, everyone experiences successes and failures, along with the ability to try new things. Starting high school, I never would have imagined going outside my inclusive bubble of my own interests. The first time I heard of Powerlifting was from my friend, Jayme, freshman year. She opened the idea of joining, but I thought Powerlifting wouldn't be for me. Later that year, Jayme invited me to attend the State Powerlifting Event. My initial plan was to go and support her. To my surprise, I was fascinated by the sport and wanted to learn more about it. Through listening, and watching videos of people lifting, I started to gain a lingering passion for Powerlifting.When I joined Powerlifting, my sophomore year, I was able to adventure outside of my comfort zone and find that my failures can lead to future success. Through Powerlifting I was able to find an equal balance between patience and confidence. For someone to succeed, they have to set their minds to their goals. When I heard over the intercom, that there was a Powerlifting meeting after school, I eagerly waited for the end of the day. The ideas of what could and can happen kept replaying over in my mind. During …show more content…

If I had never joined Powerlifting, I wouldn’t be able to learn the importance on how to push myself and appreciate the journey. Every day, I gave it my all and I continued to keep learning. Going outside of my comfort zone is still hard for me, but through this experience I was able to learn new techniques and build my self confidence all while getting stronger. The idea of trying something new gave me a passion to become better and push myself. Powerlifting is more than just lifting weights; it builds confidence and pushes one to be the best they can be while experience new challenges along the

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