My Purpose For Seeking A Master 's Degree

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Educational leadership is the hot topic in most school districts today. The leaders of our school systems are breeding tomorrow 's leaders, empowering students and teachers through academic success. Administrators, principals, and school leaders, both formal and informal are under an amassed amount of pressure, they must manage the education process holistically assuring that it is legal and effective in every way. My purpose for seeking a master 's degree in Educational leadership is to develop the theory and research necessary to empower teachers and students in urban areas. I understand that schools who aim for excellence, share a common goal throughout the entire school, and has a vision will achieve higher than any school without a clear vision. I know that success is dependent on teacher quality and student achievement.

Education in my eyes is the key to success; it unlocks the doors to opportunity. The more you know, the more you believe success is limitless. I want to decrease the education gap among students from low-income areas and students from now low-income areas. Because of my upbringing in an area that is identified as low-income, I know how difficult it is to get the entire staff of a school to see the big picture and that through hard work, dedication, and time, achievement of those students is possible. I have witnessed how generation cycles repeat itself, drop-out rates and teen pregnancies increase; yet, no one knows why. I feel that through support,

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