My Reflection Of Attending College At The University Level

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Attending college at the university level gives many opportunities to students who carry on with the pursuance of their degree. With such pursuit, students find themselves working hard in a classroom for a subject that won’t always directly apply to what they hope to specialize in following graduation. This class, Management 306, Organizational Behavior and Diversity, is a class that is “required” and therefore, some students aren’t able to see the purpose of this class with the degree that their seeking. When looking at my degree checklist, I saw this class and didn’t have high hopes for it with my first impression. However, as time went on and my mind adjusted from a freshman mentality to a senior mentality, I realized how vital I expect this class to be. I am a part of a society that is full of diverse concepts, beliefs, practices, and people. Diversity is something though that I believe to be unaccepted in most cases, as is supported by most of today’s news channels. Apart from the majority of the society that I am a member of, I want to learn, understand, and better respect the diversity of this world. By the university’s standards, I am a junior at the University of New Mexico. However, I am working hard and taking 18 credit hours this semester and the following to be able to graduate in May 2018. I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Management. There were a few changes along my college journey but this is the final

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