My Scholarship and Life Abraod

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Growing up in Japan as a child born into an US Air Force family I felt like life was a field trip. The DODEA schools I attended frequently visited Japanese schools to observe how they learned. It was really different and I loved being able to learn from fellow students of the same age, but from a different culture. When my parents decided to settle down in Colorado during my high school years there was no more visiting museums, going to national parks and doing other field trips to immerse myself educationally and recreationally like I did growing up. A lot of my education in high school was stuck in classrooms reading books and listening to lectures about the world. I felt like my education was going backwards because I did a lot less moving and lot more sitting. Growing up I started in DODEA schools where going on field trips was a common occurrence rather than a seldom event. Presently I am nearing college graduation and have yet to study abroad since leaving Japan and would love a summer aboard in Australia to renew my sense of adventure and curiosity. For personal and education reasons I want this summer internship in Australia to reconcile my stagnation and eventually become a Peace Corps volunteer to once again be in a whole different culture teaching and learning. That is why this is the ideal time for me to do an internship with TEAN during this upcoming summer 2014. Although there are many programs that offer Australia as an option to go abroad, it fit my personal

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