My Senior Year In High School

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At Last, I’m a Senior When junior year ended last summer, I felt like I knew exactly what was coming my way-- after all, I watched three different groups of my friends go through senior years of their own. It was finally my turn to experience senior year, something it seemed I had known about for years, and I felt like senior year would be easygoing and uneventful. Now, it has taken just a few short months to realize how incorrect I was. If senior year has taught me anything, it is that one never really knows what comes next for them, even if they have a good idea. The monumental highs, as well as the deepest of lows, have kept me on my toes throughout my senior year. From the second I stepped into Burns Flat- Dill City High School for my last round of high school, I was expecting a victory lap of sorts. Working on prom and managing football concession stand was a thing for juniors to worry about, and I had served my time. All my classes were classes I selected mainly to have more time to work on lengthier assignments from other subjects. Looking back now, it is easy to see why my first busy week of senior year, Homecoming Week, felt like less of a wake-up call, and more like a kick in the head. The senior parade float would not build itself, Homegoing was not just going to fall into place, the dance needed set up and DJed, and as a student-council officer it would have been wrong of me not to dress up for Spirit Week. I had so many new responsibilities from the previous

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