My Senior Year Story : My Senior Year Story

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Senior Year My senior year story, 7:35 am, when I get in the door ways of Clever High i see the band already putting up posters even though know one really joins.”Jordyn” I turn my head to see Maddie running towards me, she had just gotten out of rehab for her drug and alcohol addiction. Behind her was Rose , Rose was always pretending to be ok even though we all knew that she was getting raped by her dad at home. I always offered her a place to stay but she would never take it for some reason. “Hey babes” i said screaming down the hallway. “ Have you seen Claire or Hyper”, Maddie says i could tell she had been drinking her breath reeked from Vodka. “No, have you been drinking” is say nervously “ just a little to get the day started” she …show more content…

We walked in to fist hour all together and Mr. Philips already had assigned seating, “Miss Hyper cant believe your on time today" he says with a surprised face “can't believe you lost wait” Hyper mumbled rolling her eyes. Mr.Philps assigned me to sit by back, chance and jasmine. Jasmine and i were like best friends in middle school but when the popular train came she got on and i stayed at the train station. I remember saying hi to her in the hallway but she act like she didn't hear me. “This class is such a boar” chance said. I had always had a crush on him ever since we had math class last year., i tried so hard to get over him but i could never. “You're telling me” becky said , becky is the leader of the LGBT group at school.She's the girl that wears those “i'm a proud lesbian” shirts to school. “Hey Jordyn” jasmine says trying to be friendly. I grin a little and wave my hand like she's far away. “So are you going to my party to night?” Jasmine says “it's a school night though” i say hoping no one else heard me. “So what its ditch day anyway tomorrow and plus my parents are going out of town.” the typical high school popular kid when their parents go out of town. “I guess so” i said seaming uninterested but inside i was jumping up and down. “Good there will be really hot boy there trust me.” after 1st hour Hyper, Rose, Maddie and I go to our special series which is aka for a counseling help class that they try to make seem like a support

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