My Singing Journey

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A friend from my childhood once told me “dream on, and sing louder”. This friend pushed this saying deep into my heart until it made it seem as if it kept my heart beating. I never really began to understand what she meant when she repeated this saying to me until she explained it. She said to me that to dream on is to not give up, and to sing louder is to not let anyone take my voice away from me. Singing has always been a huge part in my life from singing in talent shows to singing in the shower. My mother said that I never stopped singing. The journey of my singing began with my first School of Rock program and is now being pursued on my churches worship team today. Before I start to tell you about my singing journey, I feel as if I should explain why I started to sing in the first place. It all began when I was four years old, my older sister Kassidy would always, and I mean always, be listening to music in her room and singing. As we grew up she learned how to play the guitar and how to write songs. She inspired me to sing and I couldn’t thank her enough for it. When my sister was 12 years old she started to get involved in this program named School of Rock. When she would sing on that stage I constantly wished that I was her. I could not wait until I was in the 7th grade so that I could be a part of it as well.
The day eventually came and I was terrified. School of Rock is a program in which you get placed into bands by instructors, then you perform on stage a week

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