My Third Couple Comparison Is Michael And Adrienne Sherman

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In the end of their story, Jessica began to give less to fill the cup inside her that her husband had let run dry. She hired a maid, began taking out of town work, and delegated her motherly duties. No matter who she hired, her time to herself could not make up for what she lacked and surely could not replace the output her children needed from her. The children reacted to this arrangement in an attempt to gain the attention they were now lacked. Jessica had no resolution and they each lived tolerating their arrangement. My third couple comparison is Michael and Adrienne Sherman, described in chapter twelve, who displayed egalitarian roles. Michael and Adrienne first began their relationship with Michael working on a postdoctoral …show more content…

He showed sacrifice by staying on an extra year at Duke in order for Adrienne to complete her thesis research. Both were in a positive state in their marriage. Once her research was finished, she followed Michael to another job offer and she too landed an excellent opportunity. Soon after they began their family, twins, and Michael was more involved and nurturing than he ever anticipated. He not only like it, but he loved it. Adrienne noticed at this point that her career was more demanding at that she devoted more time than her male colleagues, yet she still fell behind with the demand of her role in the second shift. As patient as Michael was and for as much as he enjoyed his part in the second shift, the imbalance made Michael speak out. Adrienne realized there was a limit and found a way to work with her department chair for a delay on her review. It wasn’t without resistance, but she finally prevailed. Michael supported her in her pursuit for a half time appointment, which she was eventually granted. Their struggle seemed to move away from the second shift balance and more to the status in their profession due to the demand of their careers. They seemed to achieve a balanced marriage, work, and home but their professions did not accommodate the family lifestyle as much. Their success could have been higher, but the work world they lived in did not allow for such. The equal arrangement of home and profession went

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