My Trip On My Vacation

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I have always had so many good trips with my family some them was with all of them and some with one of us always missing. But that is all in there and you can find out so much about me. Just read on and see what happens on my vacations.

Disney 2009
In the morning I wake up and my mom say’s “Belle do you what to get dressed and go see some princess this morning.” I jumped out of bed put on pants and t-shirt and ran to my mom 's room the door was open and I walked in they were all ready and watching TV with my three big sisters. And I was so excited to meet some princess. I had made my whole family rush and eat their bratfast. Then I ran to the lobby and saw one of my favorite princess (Belle) I ran up to my mom and I said to her “MOM! I see her. I see her!” Than my mom asked “Who. Who do you see sweety.” “It’s my favorite princess”I said “BELLE!!” My mom look up and saw Belle and said
“Go get her and we come down.Okay” “Okay” and I ran to her and said “Hello” and she had to me “Hi” I come feel her dress and how soft and silky I saw my mom pull out her camera and she said for me and her to sit down and she will take a(n) picture. Then I started to hear sizzling from the restaurant behind us and the smell of the food that was cooking. The of the ocean flooded my mouth it taste like salt and of fish. The smell flooded my nose too and I could hear the waves being cut by the boat as we trudge through the water. I also get the sound of kids screams of excitement.I

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