Mythic Structure Of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth

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Bronzite, Dan. "The Hero's Journey - Mythic Structure of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth." Movie Outline. ENOM, INC, 2013. . 22 July 2016.
Dan Bronzite uses inspiration from Joseph Campbell to outline a hero’s journey through the description of 12 stages that appear in mythological stories. The phases include “ordinary world, call to adventure, refusal of the call, meeting the mentor, crossing the threshold, tests, allies and enemies, approach to the inmost cave, ordeal, reward (seizing the sword), the road block, resurrection, and the return with the elixir. Bronzite confirms that this is the basis for a heroic story; however, not all themes and tones correspond with this sequence. The heroic sequence can only be used when a journey is present and the characters and ideas have a heroic theme. Bronzite assures his audience that the “characters [should] define the story and [the] story [should] define [the] structure”; therefore, the heroic sequence does not always have to be considered in a myth’s first draft. The sequence …show more content…

Brown and Cerylle A. Moffet compare Joseph Campbell’s heroic quest to an educator’s journey towards successful teaching practice and education. Myths and legends are related to modern schools to portray the courage and strength that educators must have to achieve their goal of providing students with a diverse education. Like heroes and mythical characters, educators must encounter six phases: “innocence lost, chaos and complexity, the heroic quest, gurus and alliances, trials, tests, and initiations, and insight and transformation. The concepts are inspired by Campbell; therefore, the tone and heroic pattern are similar. Brown and Moffet expand the typical view on myths and legends by including detailed heroic stories about education in specific areas, such as San Francisco and Washington. Brown and Moffet prove that a “hero’s journey in religion, mythology, literature, and contemporary film [follow the] same archetypal pattern” as

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