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NT1210 Labs 3.1 to 3.4 3.1.1 What would happen if wireless devices were not governed by the Wi-Fi Alliance and each vendor had its own standards and protocols? What impact would this have on your personal life or business communications? Personal information and business will slow down due to each vendor having its own standards/protocols. It will also be more vulnerable to attacks and make accessing more difficult. 3.1.2 Give another example of a model that is used to visualize something that is difficult to observe or perceive. How does the model make it easier to understand? Another way of displaying information for easier understanding is to use a flow chart. A flow chart can be used as a step by step guide. 3.1.3 Based on…show more content…
Host A will use application for the OS while allowing the PC to still communicate to other devices. Transport will control the data sent and received. The network will place IP addresses to the packets allowing data to be added to the MAC addresses and physical link between host and lines. Exercise 3.2.4 Explain why routing devices do not need the upper layer of the OSI model to route traffic. What is the highest layer of the OSI model used by the router to decide where to forward traffic? The first three layers of the OSI is typically what a router needs to route traffic. The first three layer are physical, data link and network. The highest level the OSI decide where to forward traffic to is the transport layer which is located in the host layers. Lab 3.2 Review 1. How does the abstraction of the physical layer facilitate interoperability across networks using different types of physical wires? IP terminals might be located in different parts of the build making it complex. There are lines coming in and out of the build that might be different than that issued to a company. To try and replace one will be complex, confusing and time consuming if unsure. 2. The OSI model is not directly implemented in networking and often the distinction between the layers will blur in implementation. Why does it endure despite these

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