Nail Polish Personal Statement

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Whenever people ask me what I want to do in life, I always brace myself for the confused stares I know I will be receiving as soon as I reveal my goal to them. I want to own my own nail polish company. This aspiration as often seen as not only an obscure one, but also one of muted ambition. People are generally confused sheerly by how niche it is. Nevertheless, I feel that I have been preparing for this throughout my whole high school career in regards to my extracurricular. Having six art credits under my belt is often regarded as excessive by my peers in a school like my own, but I firmly believe it is the most conducive route I could have chosen for my future in regards to my secondary education. From an early age, I always had a fascination with the world of nail polish. As a young girl the endless selection of colors and gleaming finish left a mark on me. Being able to join my mother for her manicure appointments was always a special treat that brought me an unfathomable level of joy. As I grew up I found nail polish and nail art to be almost therapeutic for me. During high school my mom fell very ill, while she was in the hospital and my dad worked long hours to pay the respective bills I found a sense of comfort in blocking everything…show more content…
There must be a sense of intentionality in the products these companies produce. When every aspect of a product's marketing and packaging has a specific purpose, it conveys passion and thoughtfulness, it shows a devotion to the quality of the product. These are things I would have never considered before taking art classes. I believe that the lessons I have learned in art throughout high school have helped me become a better designer and creator. They have taught me to not put something out there until I am proud of the work I have created, and I believe these skills will be incredibly conducive to succeeding in the
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