Napoleon Bonaparte And The Reign Of Terror

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3.2~ The Reign of Terror was a point in time during the French Revolution in which Maximilien Robespierre attempted to live in “republic of virtue”, which didn’t end well for France. For instance, Robespierre ruled as a dictator in terms of remaining loyal to his duties. Also, another example would be his decisions which impacted his reputation along with his overall personality as a whole. First off foremost, Robespierre didn’t feel pity for his subjects and during the Reign of Terror, 40,000 people were killed for non-existent purposes. Furthermore, one person got executed due to the fact that he accidentally chopped off a tree which was quite significant to the empire, however, Robespierre was very careless and continued with his …show more content…

As a result, Napoleon relied on honestly and whomever didn’t stay true to their words was removed from the office being replaced by better representatives of the school board officials from the lycées.Furthermore, Napoleon defended his empire by planning out war sites ahead of time and maintaining a strong background in terms of the army and physical overview when it came to the structure of his empire.

5.1~ The main events that led to Napoleon’s downfall were based on creating a blockade, making his brother the king of Spain, and trying to conquer Russia.
For example, Napoleon came up with different systems to contribute to the downfall of Britain, although he never took inconsideration of his own empire. Also, another example would include having to overthink basic strategies which backfired him. Furthermore, Napoleon’s thoughts on the blockade system were that it would stop any trade with Britain which would bring down their economy, however it led to the continental system and instead it impacted the French economy. Also, making his brother the king of Spain didn’t end up so well when it came to the guerilla warfare since the Spanish peasants were upset because they thought that whatever happened to the French Empire, would occur to the Spanish Empire as well. Furthermore, Napoleon’s major defeat which started off his ending period of ruling France was the Battle

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