Narcissism And Social Media

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Uploading our everyday lives to social media is considered the ‘norm’ nowadays. With the millennial generation growing up, technology has become a huge part of our lives. Many of us upload our lives as a way of not only informing loved ones about our life, but also as a way of showing off how amazing our lives truly are. Is this really true? Does social media accurately portray our lives or is it all simply a sham? Narcissism plays a huge role in our presence on social media, such as how many likes or comments can we get, or who is the most popular. I, for one, believe that our presence on social media is driven by a fear of being forgotten, but does this really help keep us present in people's lives, or are we actually being …show more content…

Everyone wants to impact the world in some way, whether it’s helping children, saving lives, or changing the world. This is where ‘data-dumping’ comes into play, we believe if we post enough to our Facebook’s or Twitter’s that we won’t be forgotten, that someone somewhere will remember us. Dara Horn’s passage perfectly sums up why constantly uploading photos is counterproductive to what we want to achieve, everyone is constantly uploading their lives to social media, so at what point do we stop paying attention. How many hundreds of photos of people's kids have you seen? How many graduation photos or the first day of school pictures? Wedding photos? Camping trips? There are thousands of photos that commemorate these moments, and this doesn't mean they're not important to those people, but for those scrolling through social media; there comes a point where we just don't care anymore. As Dara Horn puts it, ‘Saving everything, it turns out, is eerily similar to saving nothing.’ Social media has started to negatively impact our lives, it has taken control of us, and has made us more narcissistic, and focused on what will make us the most popular. We upload photos constantly in the hopes of not being forgotten, but the photo of your kids first day of school is quickly replaced by someone else's wedding photos.

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