Narrative Autobiography On A Motorcycle

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Cody Ball
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My Motorcycle Wreck
All my life I have been around motorcycles. My father used to let me ride on the back with him when I was a young child. I remember the feeling that I would get when he would accelerate. As soon as I could touch the ground, I owned a dirt bike. I used to love going fast and wheeling down the road for the neighborhood girls to see. We used to spend hours working on bikes together. That is when I started to become obsessed with motorcycles.
January 31st, 2016 is the day that I got my first motorcycle. It was the day my fiancé and I were moving to Jacksonville, Florida. We drove for about twenty minutes, until I got a call from my cousin. He said, “Cody I will trade my motorcycle for your car.” So, we met in the Walmart parking lot in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. When he pulled up with the motorcycle, I was excited. Then, I took a joy ride around the parking lot. I could not believe I finally could have my own motorcycle. I traded my car with a bad transmission for the bike. We were barely able to pick the back of the bike up to get it in the U-Haul truck. When we got here the movers had beat us here, and were waiting impatiently. So, when we opened the back of the truck and they saw my heavy motorcycle they were thrilled.
Five months later, I have been living here for a little while now and driving my motorcycle everywhere has become normal for me. One night, I was on my way to work at the nursing home. I was

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