Narrative Essay About Curveball

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“C’mon Oren we’re going to be late for practice” explained Eric with concern. Eric and Oren just got done with their Calculus II class at the end of the day and have to go halfway across campus to get to the baseball field. Their team was called The Lions They’re riding their bikes as fast as they can “Try to keep up, slowpoke” yelled Oren as he zoomed past Eric with a smirk. They arrive at the field and they’ve already started warmups. “You boys are gonna be late every day aren’t you, I need my best pitcher and catcher fellas” yelled Coach Roman from home plate as he was hitting ground balls to the players. “We have to come from halfway across campus coach, we’re sorry.” said Eric. “Yeah, we’ll try to get hear as soon as we can.” said Oren. “O.K, I’ll let it slide boys, now get out there” After practice, Oren went home and sat in his room to play his guitar. One day he said to himself “ I should try to do something with my life other than baseball and videogames”, so he picked up a guitar and started learning. Once his fingers started to hurt, he puts his headphones in and drifted off to sleep.
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Oren gets up with a joult and hits his alarm to shut it off. 5 o’clock. Time for a run. Every morning Oren usually runs about 2 miles to stay in shape for baseball. Their first game was today and they were playing their rivals, The Wolves, and they were not going to lose. School was just like any other day, English followed by Microbiology, American

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