Narrative Essay About Veterans

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It is dawn on a fogy icy January morning; the rural hamlet is motionless. As the sun rises the stillness is interrupted, as the first of the day’s commuters set off for work, joining them is George, a retired and proud air force veteran. Who as of only last month joined the disheartening world of those who had been dumped into a retirement home for his, as his daughter puts it “own good”.
The only way George has been able to cope with it is with a daily routine, which he, being an honoured veteran, keeps to strictly. But on this day, something was dissimilar to the prior days. The lanes were layered with the clutter of the prior night’s celebration. He paces, as he does every day, down to the local shopping centre, where he tends to sit and “people watch”.
He approaches the end of the close, when his eyes are drawn to the outline of a figure lying, immobile, like an ancient stone statue. As he drew closer the sculpture came to life and he realised that on the frosted uninviting concrete, drenched and alone with its head dropped between his paws, lay a dog. His fur was thick, knotted and encrusted with muck.
He edges up besides the mutt, hesitantly it he bends over to pet it, not knowing what the animal’s reaction would be, but assuming it wasn’t going to be a …show more content…

With great abhorrence, he again briskly marched onwards to the shopping centre. The wind occasionally and spontaneously pushing him off balance wasn’t going to stop this old man and the rain cascading down upon his head accompanied by the successful bash from a rogue hailstone, which would be followed by a spiteful mutter from under the gentleman’s breath condensing on the frosty

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