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Narrative Essay I grew up in a rough neighborhood and an even rougher family. I grew up in North Philadelphia, one of the more dangerous parts of Philadelphia. I lived with my Grandmother for the majority of my life because my mom was in and out of jail for selling drugs and my father was notorious for being a shooter in the area so I couldn’t really spend too much time hanging around him let alone live with him for my own safety. I was exposed to a lot of stuff that a normal 15 year old should’ve not been exposed to but I’m not saying it like it had a negative effect on my life, it made me who I am today. I have 3 older brothers and an older sister, my brothers didn’t start living with me until I was in 9th grade so I really didn’t know them like that let alone have a bond with them. Me growing up that’s all I ever wanted, I wanted that brotherhood that I never had with my brothers. Only thing we had in common was that we all had dangerous tempers and that we all was known for being football stars in Pop Warner and High School. Besides that we stayed to ourselves, they focused on football while I did what I did. I played football but at this age I wasn’t focused on it, I got attached to unhealthy group of young adults at the age of 11 due to the fact I was so desperate for that brotherhood bond. They always looked out for me, always made sure I was good, they always was putting money in my pockets until I got to the age I could get it on my own. But most

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