Narrative Essay On Pitbulls

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When I walk in the rink, I could see my breath, my heart was beating out of my chest. After I tie my skates, waiting on the bench I suddenly noticed I can’t skate. My dad said “I would be just fine just try.” Sitting on the bench, I felt as if was getting older waiting for the zamboni to finish cleaning the ice. As they opened the door my dad nudged me and said to me “go out and skate.” As I stepped on the ice crash I fell. My dad laughed at me. I said to myself “little fall is not going to stop me. Holding on to the board I started to glide and take strides. At that moment I realized that I was skating. I was so happy. I looked at the bleachers and I saw my dad he was smiling from ear to ear. As I skated for a little bit more making turns,

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