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"Rei, Rei!" My little sister shrieks. Her piercing scream reaches me when I get to my house front door. The family room darkens; the air thickens. Without thinking I sprint to her room, but her door is locked. 'Since when did she get a lock on her door?! ' "Rei!" Shelly cries out. "Shelly it 's okay, I 'll save you!" I throw my body against the door, but stop when a laugh that always gives me nightmares, rings in my ear. I look to my right, and as I do the house molds into the Hammerhead 's men 's locker room, with Tony holding a plastic knife, drenched in blood, but whose blood is it?... I frantically look around for Shelly, only to see her pinned down to the ground like I was by my teammates. Her little body shakes with deep cuts all…show more content…
"Why Rei, Rei? Do you hate me?" I try to get away from Tony, but he puts the plastic knife against my neck. "This is just a nightmare." My voice shakes. I close my eyes, and try to get myself to wake up. "No it isn 't." Tony roars in laughter, and presses the dull knife 's edge, dragging it across my neck ... I wake up on my side, coughing up water from my lungs. After I get all the water out, I sit up, breathing heavily with tears in my eyes. That was by far the worst nightmare I ever had. When I realize that I am not in my bed like I usually am when I have bad dreams, I look around to see myself surrounded by people. I hear Kyle scoff. Then I see him wiping his mouth "Did you eat a dead mouse or something? The least you can do before you go drowning is to eat a mint." I stare at him with my brows furring together, then it clicks into my brain. My face heats up and I throw my hand on my mouth, screaming into it because my shoulder erupts in pain. My first kiss was taken away by my rival?! Well it 's not technically a kiss. Our mouths made contact, so it 's not a kiss, but wait? Why did he save me? Doesn 't he hate me? He probably has a motive or he wouldn 't have saved me... He isn 't that shady though...Maybe, but then he could have had someone given me CPR. He must have a motive... Or he could have done it for show for our Coach. I bite my tongue really hard, because the persistent pain won 't go away. A grunt pushes through the cracks of my hand,
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