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The soft carpet rubbed against my cool feet as I entered my bedroom. In the darkness, I reached for the wall, in search of the light switch. I walked towards my desk and gathered some papers, bent over and placed them into my backpack. Yawning, I zipped up my backpack and placed it beside my door. I turned off my light, closed the door, and leapt onto my bed. I buried myself under the ice cold blankets wondering what tomorrow would have in store. As I was about to fall asleep, I heard a faint noise that resembled a sound similar to weeping. I sat up, unsure whether someone was crying or not. As the sound became more clear, I recognized that the cry was coming from my sister, Christine. Anxious to know what was happening I tip-toed to my door and tried to listen in on a conversation downstairs. I could hear the voices of my mom and dad. Although I could not make out every word, I was certain I had heard the words “hospital” and “hurry.” My heart began to race, my hands grew cold and numb, my vision was blurred. Panicked, I jumped back into bed. I could feel the formation of sweat all over my body. My frigid room soon felt like a sauna. Unable to close my eyes, I jumped out of my bed, ran out of my room and sat on top of the stairs. I could feel my heart pounding all across my body. I felt a sensation flow through my body that I had never felt before or could even describe. As I sat on the top of the stairs, I watched as my mom put a coat onto Christine, who

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