Narrative Swimming : The Challenges For The Sport Of Swimming

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“Swimmers take your mark!” echo around me as I crouch forward on the swimming starting platform. Every muscle in my body is tingling and aching to dive forward and to feel the cool water swallow me before I race forward. When I was younger, my father would enter me into any triathlon that was available for my age. I would travel all around Georgia and South Carolina competing in the straining contest of swimming, biking, and running. As my life progressed, I focused more on the sport of competitive swimming. While growing up, I swam for various competitive swimming teams such as the Brynwood Swim and Racket Club, The Family Y, my high school’s swim team, and Aiken-Augusta Swim League. I always thrived in the pool, receiving blue ribbons and medals galore. During my high school swim season, I qualified for State Championships with my relay team at Georgia Tech. Our relay team was the first to go to State Championships for my school, Davidson Fine Arts. Although competitive swimming is a great pastime and talent of mine, there are many challenges that I may share with other competitive swimmers. The challenges of competitive swimming are the risk of injury, the cost, and the lack of time that keeps me from fully engaging in and enjoying the sport. People consider the sport of swimming to be the best exercise because it is fun, relaxing, and gives a great cardio workout, however, the risk of injuries are a considerable downside to swimming. The risk of injuries is
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