Narrative Voice In The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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The mark of a skilled writer is shown in their individuality, crafting a narrative voice that becomes recognizable and, therefore, respected. The narrative voice of the story encompasses the author’s writing style, what techniques they use, and how their presentation of the story overall strengthens the story. When writing, nearly each element—from the characters to the setting’s influence—needs some level of consideration on how it will play into the story. If there is a lack of nuance in the writing, or if major aspects of the story are not fully established, it will fail to communicate the author’s themes to the audience in an effective way. In classic poetry and literature, Edgar Allan Poe remains one of the most iconic writers. His works are known for their melancholy and macabre narratives, often grotesque imagery, and how each explores thought-provoking themes in intense ways; all of which are attributed to Poe’s gothic narrative voice. For example, one of his most noteworthy short stories, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” chronicles the efforts of an undisclosed narrator reflecting on his time …show more content…

In relation to “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the narrator’s characterization is the crux of the story, providing much of the story’s mood and how the themes are put into effect. His pride overwhelms him once his confidence is diminished when the noises start, which may be in relation to the guilt that haunts him, and he slowly crumbles over the weight of his own ego, admitting to his crime. The conclusion of the story is fitting because it shows the dynamism of Poe’s writing. His narrative voice accomplishes developing most the story due to how significant of a role the narrator plays. It is this expertise that shows that Poe has a handle on his craft unique to him, cementing his individuality in the literary

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