Nas The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

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Our space program the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA is underfunded and should receive more funding from our government. Since NASA’s founding they have done many significant things in history, we have all heard of Neil Armstrong the man on the moon and Apollo 12 a group of 12 astronauts successful trip to the moon and back. It has not just been these feats of technology accomplished either, the satellites in orbit around the Earth are something that they put up there and these tools have been invaluable communication around the world and even intelligence gathering for our country to keep it safe. So you see all these things, research and development, deploying more people into space for maintenance on our satellites require money and our government’s funding “has gradually fallen to about half a percent in recent years” according to CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Backgrounds, this means NASA only has enough for critical operations and little remaining for else (Steven Markovich, Space Exploration and U.S. Competitiveness). NASA needs more funding if they want to continue approaching new frontiers of science and keep up with the rest of the world in space exploration. The Obama Administration budget proposal “for NASA is $17.5 billion” which is “below the $17.7 billion appropriated for FY 2014” this may seem like a lot of money but it is only half a percent of the total budget (Markovich). NASA used to be able to contract for designs and

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