Native American Arts

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Native Americans treasure one thing in their culture the most; the arts. Native American art is the works created by the natives of North America. Art can come in many forms, but are most present in the visual arts and melodic arts, which can then fall under several categories. Art is considered a symbol of Native American heritage and the overall culture of world art. It has been a major part of their lives for thousands of years. The Native American arts serve the purpose of self-expression, which plays an extensive role in everyday Native American life. Native American art history has been developing for over thousands of years. The arts have a vast deep connection with spirituality and the Earth. It’s a way of life for almost all Native Americans and can be traced back to cave paintings and stonework. Each piece of art is designed to reveal the complexity of the diverse tribes. One of the most popular forms of art is jewelry; it’s heavy in symbolism which makes is more easily accepted. Native Americans are better known for their skills in carving intricate patterns and designs. Often, their inspiration will actually come from the natural world surrounding them. The arts, to the Native Americans, hold more symbolism to them than a lot of the other aspects their culture holds and is a part of. Native American art is created as symbols such as bears, walruses, eagles, and people. Basket and blanket weaving are a very popular form of art, and the Navajo tribe is most

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