Native American Historical Traum The Rise Of Depression

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Native American Historical Trauma:
The Rise of Depression
Considered the first humans in North America, Native Americans have been embroiled in a long and destructive relationship with European settlers. Ever since the arrival of European settlers and the establishment of the United States of America, the Native Americans have suffered through disease, war, and cruel treatment. They were introduced to smallpox, measles, and other foreign diseases that could not be cured with their herbs and shamanistic rituals. They fought in the French and Indian War in order to drive out the British settlers who wanted their land. Following a series of treaties and policies from the United States government, many of the Native American tribes were …show more content…

The past oppression by the United States, their continuing poor socioeconomic status of the present, and the cross-generational historical trauma have caused the Native Americans to develop several mental illnesses including depression.

History of Oppression of Native Americans in the United States
In 1492, Spanish sailor Christopher Columbus sailed to west of the Pacific Ocean in order to find a direct trade route to India under the sponsorship of the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. After 2 months at sea, his ships landed in the Bahamas, he and his crew were greeted by the aboriginal population. Noticing that the aboriginals had gold jewelry, he returned to Spain to speak about the treasures of the New World. With his stories of wealth, the King and Queen sent him back to claim the riches in the name of Spain. Coming back to the Bahamas, he burned down the villages, enslaved the aboriginals, forcing them to mine for gold and build settlements for the European travelers. This was the beginning of the perilous relationship between European settlers and Native Americans.
As more and more European countries came to the Americas, they began to push the Native American tribes towards the West. What was originally small English settlements soon became a fledging nation called the United States of America. With the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the nation soon doubled in size and turned its attention to

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