Native American Imperialism

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America, land of the free, home of the brave, unless you’re not white. The United States of America was built on immigrants, but the more proper term would be imperialists. It is widely known that Native Americans were here first, but they barely acknowledge it. Instead children are taught about Christopher Columbus, the pilgrims, and the founding fathers. Colonists felt the need to kill, annex, and annihilate an entire culture to capitalize off of “undiscovered” lands. As a result, Native American culture is almost extinct, the impact that colonists had on Native Americans were catastrophic; natives were forced to change their way of life and culture to adjust to new conquerors brought by Columbus, when westerners kept pushing west, battles and massacres ensued and Natives were forced to assimilate into American culture. Native Americans are still ignored and are pushed to the back burner. We claim that we are progressive, but the Dakota Pipeline Project seems to contradict that statement. Today, we still aren’t progressing and it shows when we still have a holiday celebrating Christopher Columbus “discovering” the new world. In the “New World” Native Americans lived contently following their daily routines and cultures. They had lived and learned to appreciate the Earth and the aspects of nature that it has to offer. Back in Europe, Columbus wanted to find a shorter voyage to India, but instead he landed in the West Indies and committed inhumane atrocities. Columbus

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