Natural Disaster Essay

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Natural disasters can hit at anytime, wiping out cities and even states, wreaking havoc and taking lives. Thankfully, the American Government watches out for its citizens and tries their best to support victims of these events. Not only does the government provide public services such as natural disaster relief, but it also provides national security and helps the country to keep economic stability, all so that they can maintain social order. This is the purpose of the government. These jobs of the government make the American society a better place for the people to live, and overall a stronger country.
Providing public services is one of the key roles in government. Some natural disaster relief programs are funded by the government, such as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Not only do they give immediate help to victims of disasters, but they also try to support years after the event with affordable housing and job opportunities. This is a way that extreme poverty can be prevented to keep those areas stable. Another important service that the government provides is public education. Money that residents pay for taxes goes into the school system, to help keep the country well-educated. It is constantly improving, especially in areas where it was doing poorly before. For example, studies show that “ For the first time in recent memory, a majority of U.S. public-school students come from low-income households. The student body includes a larger proportion than ever

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