Natural Selection Means The Animals Who Have Weaker Genetic

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Natural selection means the animals who have weaker genetic performance than its own kind will be deselected by the nature. This allows the species to evolve and advance its breed to remain their domination in the natural society. Charles Darwin adopted this idea to explain how the species that survived for ages are the superiors ones with the most substantial genes embedded in them. However, as mankind advanced from our ancestors till now homo-sapiens, knowledge people, natural selection reoccurs among humans in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Social Darwinism was created for the purpose to make changes in the world. In the late 19th century, Social Darwinism influenced the society and created immense impacts among the …show more content…

Galton believed white was the only color that should be ruling the globe. For instance, the white Germans as he mentioned were the ones that were grown with the finest genes, because they were able to survive in the frigid weather and invent tools to secure their own ethnics. This concept brought anxieties to the working class people with a different race, which later on being known as the hereditarianism (Galton, 1869). This even led to political issues and the change of the Constitution of the United States. According Robert C. Bannister, Professor of History in Swarthmore College, he mentions, “U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell HolmesJr., that the Constitution of the United States should be reinterpreted in the light of changing circumstances in American Society” (Bannister, 2000). For the reformers back in the 19th century, they wanted the government to become a more powerful role and advocated the social policies with the idea of Social Darwinism. This ties back the Galton’s eugenics, which was to forbid cross races marriage. This was the shadow of interracial marriage happened back in when slavery still exist. Based on Bannister, Social Darwinism had certainly affected the United State’s society in a negative way. In other words, Social Darwinism did not help the American Society to become more advanced and diverse, but going backwards to the

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