Nature And Mission Of The Church

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i.)Describe the nature and mission of the Church. What are the primary tasks today?

The nature of the Church is to be the universal body of Christ that is diverse, yet unified in mission. It is made up of faith communities or congregations that intermingle with the culture and place in which they live in order to live out the mission of the church. The nature of the church and its mission are interconnected to the point they cannot be separated . According to “Basic Christian Affirmations” :
“With other Christians, we declare the essential oneness of the church in Christ Jesus. This rich heritage of shared Christian belief finds expression in our hymnody and liturgies. Our unity is affirmed in the historic creeds as we confess one holy, catholic, and apostolic church. It is also experienced in joint ventures of ministry and in various forms of ecumenical cooperation. Nourished by common roots of this shared Christian heritage, the branches of Christ 's church have developed diverse traditions that enlarge our store of shared understandings. Our a vowed ecumenical commitment as United Methodists is to gather our own doctrinal emphases into the larger Christian unity, there to be made more meaningful in a richer whole. If we are to offer our best gifts to the common Christian treasury, we must make a deliberate effort as a church to strive for critical self-understanding. It is as Christians involved in ecumenical partnership that we embrace and examine our distinctive…
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