Nature And Pets On Our Health

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If I told you a pet or nature can impact your life vastly, would you believe me. Both of them could be a life-changer. After evaluating two sources concerning the topic of effects of nature and pets on our health, I have come to my own conclusions. I believe that nature and pets can impact our lives. Pets can impact a person’s health, they are also known as a companion. Some people are discouraged by animals but could potentially be encouraged by them. Nature can reboot our minds and bodies. Natural environments leave people more relaxed. Both are very effective in their own way. Animals have a significant role in many people’s lives. Animals are also admired as companions. A companion is a person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels. These companions can affect the quality of our lives. More than half american households have a pet, and most think of them as family members. Research show that having a pet can have a huge impact on a person’s physical health. Healthier hearts, fewer visits to the doctor, and get more exercise are some examples on how animals can huge impact. Having a dog in particular can lower the risk of heart disease and lower stress. A dog can also have a compelling impact on children and elderly individuals. When the dog was present, children less behavioral distress, lower blood pressure, and lower heart rates. Also elderly individuals that performed physical activities were able to perform better. Animals can also

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