Nature Of Magna Carta

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The Magna Carta is written by English noblemen as an agreement with King John, to ultimately assure that his power did not become overbearing. The laws give great insight into the lives of the people of England around 1215, and in reading them, one is able to see the similarities and differences from the world today. Although written over eight-hundred years ago, the Magna Carta, while not the only important document of its kind, continues to be a relevant piece of writing in western culture. The Magna Carta remains a staple of our modern society, not due to all of its actual laws, but through the ideas behind them.
The most valuable idea the Magna Carta brought into western culture is the idea that no person should hold absolute power over any other person(s). In creating this, the noblemen were attempting to reign in King John's abilities as king and protect the rights of his people. The charter “has become a potent, international rallying cry against the arbitrary use of power.” Each law in the Magna Carta was created for the sole purpose of making sure the citizens would be treated fairly and with more respect, which is a mindset still used today in politics and power. The document starts off by saying that they want to give “all the freemen of our realm for ourselves and for our heirs in perpetuity the liberties written below to have and to hold them and their heirs from us and our heirs in perpetuity.”(Magna Carta). The noblemen want every person they consider a
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