Nature Of Water Pollution

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Pollution is a toxic that wreaks havoc on the environment. Unfortunately, a large portion of the world’s environmental issues stem from human wastes. As we look at past practice and the evolution of the world, we as consumers must realize how we have and still are contributing to the downfall of our society. In an attempt to protect the environment and become eco-friendly businesses have created products that help to put recycling to better usage. Instead of using plastic water bottle that consume landfills and take decades to decompose, we now are using B.P.A. free reusable water bottle that are eco-friendly and stylish. It is challenging to take on pollution as a whole but if everyone makes small adjustments in their everyday lives we could prevent many of the dangers we are encroaching on. Humans can use less water, recycle, reuse bags and bottles, walk or use public transportation to help prevent water, air and land pollutants. It is not an easy task but if we are made aware we make more conscience decisions and the results are endless.
Majority of the plastic materials used that are left to pollute the earth are done by humans. For example, one of the biggest plastic material resources produced is bottled water. One may agree that B.P.A free bottled water is safer, more convenient, and can help provide jobs to individuals who create these items. The perspectives from some consumers are that bottle water could be cleaner than tap water, but purity comes with a price.

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