Necktie Miu Monologue

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"Where am I?" a boy with dark violet hair and black streaks had fallen down a mysterious locker. "What the hell? What is this place?"

The boy stared at his uniform; a white collar, a blue-striped necktie, a black and white vest, and an indigo suit along with blue pants.

All of a sudden, there was a noise coming from another locker. This time, the boy heard it behind him. The b oy turned around and saw nothing except a blank, meaningless wall that is facing him.

The boy leaned again the wall while hearing an unfamiliar voice coming from the thin walls which the boy realized how smooth and thin it is, "Oof, god damn it."

The boy headed out of the classroom and dashed off to another classroom that is next to the classroom that …show more content…

"I don't even know this place."

The boy scratched his back. "Same, I don't even know where I am..."

"What do you mean," the girl tilted her head as if she doesn't believe the boy's statement. "Ah, now that you mention it, I do not even remember anything at all before we were captured here. My name is '''Katie Miu'''. My talent is mysterious so it's best if you don't know it until the very end."

"Hmph, I am '''Bryclie Kokichi''', your one and only, '''Ultimate Occultist'''!" the boy grins. "You may know me from the popular Kokichi family! We are quite one rich family. That's all it is for now. I can be expert on lying."

Katie started talking in a serious tone. "Even though we barely know each other, it does not mean that you can start having a conversation about anything that has nothing to do with the main situation."

"Right, sorry," Bryclie sighed. "I was trying to tell you how I can easily lie. Is that bad for you to listen to me?"

"Look, I just want you to shut up and let me focus on the situation we are currently having," Katie mumbles as she approaches the impact doors that leads to a weird-looking …show more content…

Man, how desperate can this person be? They sure brought us here for something," a boy with a smooth hair said. His hair has a color of white, along with the light pink tips that show on the bottom of his hair. He has mint-colored eyes and dimples that spread his mouth wide.

He was wearing a bright yellow tank top and has a dark symbol that resembles as a crescent moon. He was wearing a black hoodie over it.

"I don't know but I just got here and see everyone like this," a girl with red eyes sighed. She has an enourmas beanie that resembles as a souvenir from the Strawberry Festival. Her ponytail was shown on the side of her left shoulder.

"I'm... '''Chloe Amari'''," the girl begins to continue talking. "I am the '''Ultimate Confectioner'''..."

She wears a pink blouse that has the magenta mini polka dots all over the blouse. She also wears a white a-line skirt with pink

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