Negative Effects Of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

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CTE affect player with concussion because they can start developing CTE. CTE is known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy which is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in people with a history of repetitive brain trauma. Recent data have shown 17% of individual with repetitive mTBI may develop CTE. Athletes who return to play before their first event are healed place themselves at a significant risk of a second significant brain injury and the adverse effects of the cumulative process. Even though that the player might be clear from concussion but CTE continues to progress, continue to execute their effects and as long the individual lives, the worse the symptoms become. CTE can affect player behavior, mood, memory, and …show more content…

But Michael suspected he might have CTE because he starts experiencing symptoms. So, he told his wife to donate his brain to Boston University for research. Dr. Ann Mckee said "it was the worst CTE she ever seen in an individual this young." Michael been playing football ever since six years old and experience more than 10 concussions. Researcher said that Keck in his brain was as worse as the one in the brain of Junior Seau, a former professional football player, who commit suicide by fatally shooting himself in the chest at 43 years old because of CTE. Research have examined 168 total brains of former professional football players and found that 97% of professional players and 79% of all players showed evidence of CTE. The short-term is sequalae of acute brain injury including subdural hematoma and catastrophic brain injury may lead to death. CTE give athletes depression which magnifies other response also impact recovery. For example, when athlete's injury is significant they can suffer both physically as well as emotionally. In the 14 cases 20% there was prominent mood disturbance. Most of the Pittsburgh Steelers offense of line died from CTE during their career in the National Football League. Finally, Aaron Hernandez died after committing suicide in person. It was later reported by Dr. Ann Mckee that Hernandez had stage three of CTE and brain atrophy. Brain atrophy is the shrinking of the brain

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