Negative Effects Of Homework

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Lastly, homework results in a combination of corresponding negative physical and mental effects within students. In the survey conducted on high schoolers in California, 56% of participants admitted homework as their primary stressor, while less than 1% said homework was not a stressor (Strauss). Regarding physical symptoms, 72% of students disclosed their constant state of anxiety over school work, resulting in sleep deprivation, headaches, exhaustion, weight loss, stomach pain, and the lack of stability in their lives (Strauss). Over 80% of the students encountered a physical symptom in the timespan of a month, 44% of whom experienced three or more in that time period (Strauss). In addition to this, parents argued their children do not have enough time to complete chores, a skill that also trains a sense of responsibility within adolescents (Ponte). Furthermore, homework limits a child’s development of social skills, as it leaves them with little time to interact with friends (Ponte). In addition to the shortage of social interactions among friends, adolescents have limited time to converse with their family members as well. For example, junior Julia Jones was assigned a group project over Winter Break, a time specifically created for a vacation from school (Ponte). As expected, both of Julia’s partners were on vacation—one of which being out of country (Ponte). Julia experienced high levels of stress as she and her group members reached to finish the project before their

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