Negative Effects Of Social Media On Family

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It's the year 2017. In my generation, everything lies within social media. No one goes out anymore and speaks face to face anymore. We are constantly uploading something to a social media platform. So, their people feel there is not a reason to go out and socialize when they can just look them up on a platform of some sort. So, I do believe social media is making us less social. My first point is that social media negatively affects our relationships with family and friends. Social media negatively affects our relationships with our friends because when we have an argument with our friends it gets taken into social media and we can’t tell their people’s emotions from behind a screen and it can either take good or bad. According to the article, Kelly Wallace form CNN says that “when it comes to relationships with friends, more than half (52%) of teens social has mad then the 4% that said it has negatively affected those relationships”. Although there are some people that never take their issues in the real world to the virtual one, we have to be careful with the way we manage our friend and family relationships online. My next point is that excessive use of social media makes us lonely and prone to depression. We spend most of the time on social media and that can come with bad consequences. Grieg states this in his article: “...and an earlier study from the same researcher found that increased internet use led to a decline in communication with friends and family, and

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