Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Approximately 115 million Americans play video games on a daily basis, 4 out of 5 American households admitted to owning a gaming system in 2016. Video Games have become a part of many American’s daily routine. Parents especially have had many concerns pertaining to this gaming behavior to determine if video games are safe for their children especially with the release of violent games such as Grand Theft Auto, where the main plot focuses around gang violence, drugs and alcohol and explicit language. Society has become concerned about the possible effects playing video games can have on a person’s behavior. The media has linked many shooting event for example, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Where the gunman was an avid gamer who…show more content…
Studies have been conducted to show how a person who plays video games would have greater hand-eye coordination skills then a non-gamer. In the article Cognitive Benefits of Video Games by Peter Grey states that; “Correlational study revealed that young, inexperienced surgeons who were also avid video gamers outperformed the most experienced surgeons in their field (Rosser et al., 2007). In an experiment, novice surgeons who were provided with experience with video games improved their performance in laparoscopic surgery compared with a control group of surgeons who did not have that experience (Schlickum et al., 2009). In a sense; the surgeons that trained with the video game had shown improvement during laparoscopic procedure then those who did not participate in the game. Although these games are not on the market for the average person to purchase. Individuals still gain hand-eye coordination skills from the quick motions on the controller to move their charterer in the game with being distracted with the action on the screen in front of them. This action also improves decision making skills in the process. (Peter Grey 2015)
Decision making skills are another skill-set that is improved when a person plays video games. Researchers developed a study that tested a dozen 18-25yr olds, no specific gender and split the group up into two separate groups. One group played 50hrs of an action video games such as Call of Duty,

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