Negative Side Effects Of Vaccination

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It is often argued that it’s selfish to not immunize your child, that you put others at risk. I argue this is untrue, and that it speaks very poorly as to the effectiveness of vaccines in the first place. According to the National Institute of Health, the vaccine herd effect is when non-immunized people are protected from a disease by their proximity to vaccinated individuals. Simply, there will be less disease going around to be contracted by those that are not immune, since a large percentage of the population already immune. So the likelihood of someone without an immunity to polio for instance, contracting the disease in America is very low. (Hyong Kim, Johnstone, & Loeb, 2011) The only people “hurt” by not being immunized, are those not vaccinated themselves already. If a parent doesn’t want their child vaccinated for chickenpox, while all other children in their school are, and the child contracts it, the other parents have nothing to worry about; unless the vaccination their child received wasn’t effective. The choice of whether or not certain vaccines are appropriate is also determined by the cost analysis of side effects. Negative side effects of vaccinations is little spoke of by the main stream media or the government, and anyone questioning their authority is made to look foolish. Why is it wrong to question something that is talked about so positively? And why can’t we as Americans decide for ourselves how we choose to live our lives; especially when

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