Negligence Research Paper

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The worst cases are usually caused by larger vehicles. If there is a commercial truck accident, or a bus accident, or a train accident, the severity of the injury is likely to be higher and the need for a lawyer is greater. Attorneys often limit their areas of practice to a few specialties, but attorneys generally don not narrow the specialty into sub-specialties. Personal injury attorney handles claims arising from someone's negligence. Negligence means failing to exercise the degree of care that a reasonable person in that situation would have exercised. If the wrongdoer drives at 50 miles per hour in a school zone and strikes a child, he would be considered unreasonable and therefore negligent. When it comes to injury claims there is not …show more content…

A truck accident attorney would be helpful where the injury is severe. A typical car accident injury is generally minor and will go away over a few months, so there is no need to hire an car accident …show more content…

In a typical truck accident at the very least the damage to the victim's vehicle is much greater than in a typical car accident. A commercial truck accident is also likely to cause severe injuries often resulting in fractures, closed head injuries, herniated disc, or death and therefore a truck accident attorney would be very helpful in reaching a reasonable resolution to an injury claim. Most truck accidents also have greater coverage for injuries, meaning there is insurance coverage that is much greater than insurance required for car accidents. This makes perfect sense, because the probability of severe injury or death is much greater in truck accidents than in car

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