Nelly Dean Character Analysis

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Through the narration by Nelly Dean as she speaks to Lockwood about Catherine Earnshaw’s story, it may not always be reliable information the readers are receiving based on opinions and judgments Nelly has already made about the people being spoken about. Nelly’s opinions of certain people blind her ability to speak about them truthfully in all aspects, like, for instance, how she spoke negatively about Catherine in some sections of the story. Mrs. Dean had a bias towards what boy Catherine would end up with in a small way, she always leaned towards Edgar rather than Heathcliff due to their stark differences in the way they were raised. Another reason as to why us as readers can never assume that all aspects of the story are true is …show more content…

Given that no one ever chimed in to Mrs. Dean’s version of the story makes the reader wonder if everything said could all be true. Lockwood has no reason to not believe Nelly Dean so he does not question anything or try to pry further into whatever is being told to him even though everything maybe just be a mere opinion or how Nelly interpreted something. Mrs. Nelly Dean seemed to not think very highly of Catherine any circumstance. Nelly would never come right out and say something blatantly mean about Catherine but there were always underlying disparagement of her actions. An example of Mrs. Dean's disdain of Catherine is through her thoughts about Catherine’s different love affairs and actions. She never agreed with the way she strung the two poor boys along and how she could be so self absorbed through it all. When Nelly said, “ Loving!’ cried I, as scornfully as I could utter the word! ‘Loving!’ Did anybody ever hear the like! I might just as well talk of loving the miller who comes once a year to buy our corn. Pretty Loving, indeed! And both times together you have seen Linton hardly four times in your life! Now here is the babyish trash. I’m going with it to the library; and we’ll see what your father says to such loving.” (Ch.21). With all of Nelly’s disagreements with and about Catherine she always chose to be very harsh on her in many

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