Nelson Mandela's March to Liberty

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Nelson Mandela’s March to Liberty Throughout history, epic heroes, ranging from people of all different races and from all corners of the world shaped the world, to how it stands today. Most people look up to role models in their lives to model after, and strive to be one. Nelson Mandela, one such hero of his time in the 20th century, wanted to help his country of South Africa advance and not shut down, and fall into despair. During the 1960s, Mandela, overcame the wrathfulness of the white government officials of South Africa. He helped make the common man, into a resourceful person who desires to make his country a better place to live in. Epic heroes in literature often help their homeland to become better place to live in, even if it hurts them in the process. Mandela shortly after becoming a rebellion leader was arrested and jailed for twenty seven years after he tried to help his country against the South African government. He tried to help the common man because the government took away most of the basic rights of freedom South Africans held. Mandela helped his country of South Africa by, staying strong for his country, becoming a national hero for the South Africans, and caring for them throughout the hardest parts of his life and their life too. When Mandela was born in July 18th, 1919, he was the son of a privileged chiefly son. He was allowed to go to school, and become educated, which only a small number of people had the opportunity to do so. Even though

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