Nervous System And Reward Pathway

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Nervous System and Reward Pathway
Jason Otero

This research paper is a compilation of information gathered during lectures and through the web on the Nervous System and the Reward Pathway. This paper examines the structure of these systems, their discovery and the effects that drugs have on influencing these systems and how addictions are formed.
Nervous System and Reward Pathway
The nervous system is broken down into two parts, The Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System. Each System has its own function but works together to engage the brain and body in all aspects of life such as bodily functions, sensory processing, learning, reasoning, creativity, experiences and emotions. Looking further into the nervous system is where neurons and neurotransmitters come into play. This system of neurotransmission is responsible for ensuring that the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous system communicate effectively. Sending and receiving messages about the body internally and externally. Part of this process called neurotransmission includes our desires and motivations, which we can relate to as the rewards pathway. Located in the center of the brain the rewards pathway can be affected by natural and necessary pleasures as well as the behaviors surrounding pleasure from unnaturally occurring pleasures such as drugs, or other addictive activities.
Nervous System

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