New Approaches And Education For The Success Of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems

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7 New Approaches and Education for the Success of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems
There is a common thinking in the academia and professional arenas that the solution to the untreated wastewater discharges into our water bodies can be prevented or mitigated mainly with the construction of wastewater sewer collection systems and wastewater treatment plants. Part of the purpose of this research is to revisit and analyze the benefits of using decentralized wastewater treatment technologies and evaluate the latest wastewater treatment technologies available.

7.1 Overview of Centralized Wastewater Treatment Systems Infrastructure
It is also of common knowledge that our nation’s wastewater treatment infrastructure is widely recognized to be in serious overhaul, if not outright replacement. (Crawford 2011). Also it is known that wastewater management does not figure among the environmental legal and regulatory matters that command public attention, despite the direct human and environmental health impacts of wastewater infrastructure failures, to say nothing of the unsavory nature of ruptured sewage lines and massive sewage spills, with their attendant harms for both land and water pollution (Crawford 2011). This is due to a lack of knowledge and education to the public concerning this serious threat. A serious national wastewater treatment crisis is imminent. The need to address our wastewater infrastructure deficiencies is urgent and not only for the centralized

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