New England Settlers vs. the Chesapeake Settlers Dbq

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Since the early 17th century, the English migrated to America for a variety of reasons. The promise of treasure, religious tolerance, and plentiful lands, lured gold-seekers, Puritans, Protestants, unemployed farmers, indentured servants, and younger sons (who had fallen victim to laws of primogeniture), to the land mistakenly named the Indies. English migration to the Chesapeake region spread over nearly a century, whereas voyagers to New England arrived within a single decade. One would think that since the English settled both of these regions, both of their societies would develop quite similarly, but one could not be more wrong. The variations of the societies that developed in the Chesapeake region and the New England region …show more content…

(Doc. D) It is evident in documents B and C that the voyagers that traveled to the Chesapeake and New England had very different things in mind. The settlers of New England traveled with almost their entire families, and once they settled, families remained the center of the New England society. Almost from the beginning, New England's population grew from natural reproduction, meaning that the people in that region were remarkably fertile. They married young, the women

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