New Ideas from the Past

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It teaches that everyone comes into this world morally sound, and society eventually becomes responsible for each of their downfalls, because society tries to force its own outlook about what truth is and how to find truth onto the individual. Problems which plague an individual can be traced back to parallel the larger problems of the evil society at large. This not only includes the pressures seen through laws and government, but spans over all influences of the human mind, for example, religion and philosophy. In Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Historic Notes of Life and Letters in New England, he wrote about a specific era in history that teemed with people who started to believe these ideals three hundred years before he was writing. He asserts that that this individualistic, self reliant way of thinking was not new, and should not be limited to influence only one area of human life, but all aspects of society. While the official Transcendental movement took place in the 1830s, Emerson argued that main ideas from the movement had been causing conflict for centuries. He claimed when new ideas like these come to the surface, it can be hard to identify directly where tension with old ideas is coming from at first, but the effects of the conflict are widespread: “At…
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