New Jersey 's State Government Legislature Introduced A New Bill

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New Jersey’s state government legislature introduced a new bill “A3723” on September 22 2014 and passed on June 25 2015, which pursued to mandate “certain drug treatment programs operating in State correctional facilities or county jails to offer medication-assisted treatment” (NJLeg). This bill addressed several issues that were present in the NJ states prison health policy and public policies, which eventually will shape urban planning in nearby communities. Using this bill as a key example, it can be understood that health policy, public policy, and urban planning and developmental policy are heavily connected and reliant on each other. Health and public policy when consistently improved with the help of the passage and enforcement of this bill will have a direct positive influence in shaping our communities urban planning. Before discussing what aspects of the public, health and urban policy this bill affects, it is important to understand whom it affects. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, eighty-five perfect of New Jersey’s prison population are individuals that suffer from substance abuse addiction, and/or were under the influence at the time they committed their crime. Most of the crimes committed by the addicts were offenses made in order to acquire money to feed their addiction. So clearly, there is an utmost need in our communities for drug recovery treatments. These offenders, criminals, and addicts are just victims to their own

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