New Yorker in Tondo Short Script

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The New Yorker in Tondo By Marcelino Agana Jr. SCENE 1 In New York | | KIKAY | (Kikay is reading a letter from her Mother )Dear Kikay, I miss you na, please go home, coz I’m very lonely. Love, Your mommy dear, Atang. | | I told her to call herself Mrs. Mendoza! Oh well, I need to go back to Tondo… | (plane lands) SCENE 2 | MRS. M | (A knock is heard) (As she walks toward the door) Visitors. Always visitors, nothing but visitors all day long. | | (She opens door. Tony steps in, carrying a bouqet. Tony is 26, dressed to kill, and is suave type. Right now, however, he is feeling a trifle nervous. He starts slightly on seeing Mrs. Mendoza.) | MRS. M | Tony! | TONY | (Staring) Is that you, Aling Atang? | MRS. M | (Laughing) Of…show more content…
| TONY | (Irritated, Imitating her tone) Oh, Tony, tony ... use your head, Nena! Breaking off an engagement is not easy! | NENA | Are you in love with Kikay or with me? | TONY | Of course I’m in love with you. I’m engaged to you. | NENA | Yes, and you’re engaged to Kikay too. | TONY | It was only a secret engagement anyway. | NENA | Secret!? | TONY | I proposed to her just before she left for America... | | She said to keep our engagement a secret until she came back. But then she stopped answering my letters... | | So I considered myself a freeman again. | NENA | Well, I’m tired of being secretly engaged to you | TONY | Just give me a chance to talk to Kikay. | NENA | Well, you’d better hurry. | SCENE 6 | (Totoy enters with glasses on a tray) | | (Mrs. Mendoza enters) | MRS. M | Listen, everybody... here comes Kikay... | | (Kikay Appears, garved in a trailing gown trimmed with fur at the neck and hemline.. In the other hand she carries a cigarette. ) | KIKAY | (Having paused a long moment in the doorway, hands uplifted in surprise and delight.)Oh, hello, hello... you darling, darling people!(She glides into the room. Everybody is too astonished to move.) Nena, My dear, but how cute you’ve become! (Kisses Nena) And Tony, dear boy, how are you... (gives her hand to Tony) And Totoy, why you look like a Tondo superproduction. Do sit down and let me look at you! | NENA | Oh, Tell us about New York | KIKAY | (fervently) Ah New

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