New Zealand 's Political System

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Today, being apart of the 21 century one could argue that our world is massively interdependent. Many countries develop faster than others, due to economic power and accessibility, while other still fight to one day see their beloved nation ahead of the masses. New Zealand has proven itself as a future business magnate. Geographically New Zealand (located south western pacific) encompasses two main Islands the North and the South Islands and a number of other small island with a population size of 4.4 million, neighboring countries such as Australia and Fiji to the north. New Zealand 's political system is based on the British model and is currently stable. The Country is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democratic system.The rule is set up as a triangular structure first, there is Parliament as the legislative branch. Second, being the Cabinet also known as the executive branch and lastly, the judiciaries as the courts but, above all is Queen Elizabeth. Economically, New Zealand was known for its Wool exports. However, in the present days, they are also acknowledged for exporting Seafood, Dairy, Wood, and Meat. According to statistics, New Zealand is one of the highest milk producers in the world. In fact, stated by the World bank New Zealand 's current Gross Domestic Production (GDP) is at $173.754 billion U.S dollars which is not a lot of money, but the country has had a major upside of 4.7% annual growth when compared to 2008 the country was at a whopping
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