Niccolo Machiavelli 's The Prince, A Secularist And Realist View Of Politics

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Modern political theory is defined as an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs that characterize the thought processes of a group or nation in the present day. Niccoló Machiavelli, born in the late 15th century, is considered the father of modern political thought and some even consider him the founder of the concept of ‘modernity’ itself. Machiavelli’s most famous piece of writing, The Prince, a secularist and realist view of politics, was a dramatic break from previous political thought anchored in tradition and religion. The notion of power politics is ingrained within the text and is considered widely the way in which modern politics is conducted. This essay will argue that Machiavelli is the first modern political thinker based on his ideas and theories of secularism and power politics. Machiavelli is known as the first modern political thinker because his view of the state, and the state’s relationship with the Church, were revolutionary. Prior to Machiavelli, 15th Century politics was simply an extension of the Church with the pope as the primary political actor. However, the Renaissance brought back ancient and classical thought that allowed thinkers like Machiavelli to flourish. Machiavelli is immersed in the struggling Italian city-state of Florence where he writes a text with the intention of unifying Italy into a single political entity. He argues the best approach is a secular one, and in this line of thinking, he effectively defines human nature as that

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